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CSA Subscriptions Frequently Asked Questions


What does it mean to be a CSA member?

Being a member means you pay upfront for a share and you will receive your flowers at the partner location you choose. You will share in some of the risk and rewards of farming without pulling weeds.


What is the risk involved in being a CSA member?

Mother Nature is not always our friend in farming. If an extreme weather condition should occur, such as hail or high winds, you as a member, assume some of the risk to not receive your flowers. We promise to work hard and do everything within our control to protect against these risks to provide you with your full shares of beautiful blooms.

There are not set dates for the CSA pick-ups during the checkout process, when will those dates be announced?

Our growing season depends on frost dates and Mother Nature's mood. We certainly wish she was predicable. Once we are able to plant in the fields, we will have more reliable information to secure exact pick up dates. We will send out pick-up dates via the email you provided during the CSA purchase.

What happens if I am on vacation and cannot pick up my flowers on a particular date?

If you will be out of town during a pick-up day, we encourage you to spread some joy through flowers, by gifting that week’s CSA to a friend or neighbor. We have a large CSA program, which involves a lot of scheduling and we are unfortunately, not able to move dates, times or accommodate missed pick-ups.

As a CSA member you are responsible for picking up the flowers within 24 hours of the specified date. If you are sending someone else to pick up your flowers if they provide your name to the staff at the partner pick up location.  Flowers are only held for 24 hrs at each location. Our partner locations graciously give us their space and time to ensure you receive your flowers. 

How long can my flowers be out of water when I pick them up?

 We recommend no longer than 30 minutes in a cool vehicle.

How long should I expect my flowers to last?

We grow over 75 varieties of flowers and each have varied vase life. However, you should expect a week's vase life for most flowers. There is always an exception to the rule. For example, Dahlias usually grace us with their beauty for about 5 days.

How can I make my flowers last longer?

Once the flowers are cut our job is the slow down the decay process. Sanitation is key. Cleaning your vase/vessel with hot soapy water or even a touch of bleach after each use. When you get your flowers home give them a fresh cut on a 45 degree angle to maximize the surface area for hydration. Bacteria can quickly clog stems and shorten vase life. We recommend to change the water every few days with an additional fresh cut. Remove any excess foliage that will fall below the water line. Debris in the water will create bacteria. Some of our flowers have a longer vase life than others, so remove any wilted stems as they fade from the bouquet. 

Can I pick what flowers I have in my subscription?

Your flowers will vary as the season unfolds depending on the availability that weeks blooms. You may contact us hello@wildrootflowerco.com to add specific or additional flowers a week prior to your pick-up for an additional fee.