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Zinnia 'Cut & Come Again'

Zinnia 'Cut & Come Again'


Zinnia ‘Pumila Cut & Come Again’

The more you cut the more they bloom. This old fashion flower that has been grown for generations not only for it’s dependability but for it’s beautiful rainbow colored blooms. Slightly smaller blooms than the State Fair Mix, measuring 2 1/2” blooms. Mature plants are approximately 30” tall, which makes it a great front of the border plant selection.

Planting Instructions:

  1. Seeds should be sown directly in the soil, after the threat of frost.

  2. This variety prefers a full-sun location (>6 hours)

  3. Plant seeds 1/2” deep and cover with soil. Space seed 6-9” apart.

  4. Be sure to water the seeds in well after planting.

  5. Seedlings will emerge 7-14 days after planting.

  6. Plants like cooler weather and can also be planted late summer for a fall bloom.

*96% germination rate - 1 pkg includes approximately 25 seeds - Average maturity 70-80 days.

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