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Sunflower 'Moulin Rouge'

Sunflower 'Moulin Rouge'


Helianthus annuus ‘Rouge Royal’ (Moulin Rouge)

Unique, elegant and richly colored burgundy blooms with dark centers. This sunflower has a branching habit that provides multiple blooms per plant. Prefers full-sun exposure (>6hrs per day). Mature plant height is 60-80” tall. Once established, is fairly drought tolerant.

Planting Instructions:

  1. Seeds should be sown directly in the soil, after the danger of frost.

  2. Plant seeds 1” deep and cover with soil. Space seed 20- 24” apart.

  3. Be sure to water the seeds in well after planting.

  4. For extended bloom time, plant the seeds in successions, 2-3 weeks apart for blooms all summer long.

  5. Seedlings will emerge 7-10 days after planting.

*94% germination rate - 1 package includes approximately 25 seeds - 60 days to maturity.

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