Wildroot Flower Co.

The Farmer

A Journey of Passion



Hi, I'm Lyndsay, the founder of Wildroot Flower Co. After graduating from The Ohio State University with a degree in Landscape Horticulture, I spent the next 13 years working in all facets of the industry, searching for my niche. I realized that the aspect of horticulture that I loved the most was gardening and growing. Being outside with my hands in the dirt fills me with energy and I love being able to connect with others by sharing that passion. In 2016, I decided to put my passion before my fears by planting my first seeds and starting a flower farm. I started the farm on a small 27 acre property outside of Marietta, Ohio. The property where my flowers grow is where my grandparents lived. I spent my childhood days here picking strawberries grown by my grandma, running around wild and free. These memories were the inspiration for the name, Wildroot. In the spring of 2017, supported by my loving family and friends and the local community I tilled my first Wildroot rows. I thank you for your interest and support in our little farm.